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Why The Hulk Needs A Life Coach!

If you were able to unleash your superpower, what will you do with it?

Recently I bumped into one of my childhood comic book superhero : The Hulk. Growing up in the late 70s/early 80s, I remember watching the TV Series starring Bill Bixby as Dr. Bruce Banner and his alter ego, The Hulk (starred by Lou Ferrigno). I remember waiting eagerly every week to watch the next episode (yes, there was a time before Netflix when you actually had to wait to watch!).

I guess what hooked me about the TV Series was not the character of the Hulk himself (although yes, as a kid, I was admittedly awestruck by the sheer power the Hulk possessed in lifting cars, machinery and running through concrete walls!). Actually, it was the character of Dr. Bruce Banner that I found intriguing. I felt a sense of connection and empathy for him. Bruce had set out to find a way to tap into the super-human strengths that he believed all humans have. This he did find, albeit accidentally through the botched experiment on himself, and he has ever since symbolized for me a person’s journey towards their self-discovery.

Let’s face it. Life is never linear. There are many factors that influence and play a role in shaping us into who we are. But aside from all of this, there is one fundamental truth that lies within us all. Our very own personal superpower. This is what Bruce discovered. Although not being able to recall himself transforming into and being the Hulk, Bruce is aware that there is other side of him that possesses immense (yet destructive!) super-human powers. In his struggle to control this other side of him, Bruce develops the courage to acknowledge and tries to reconcile and confront his inner being.

Altering State

At the same time, Bruce manages to identify what the triggers are that start his altering state.

“Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.”

His infamous line before making the transformation. Bruce is aware of the triggers, but is yet to find a way to manage his superpower in a more constructive way. Because of this, he is fearful of his uncontrollable inner being. He shies away from the public eye as much as he can and tries to keep himself, out of trouble.

At the end of each episode, Dr. Bruce Banner continues his journey and hits the road again, as the iconic piano piece as he hitchhikes to the next city where he wouldn’t be recognized. Bruce is on his journey, as like many of us at different stages of our journeys, towards understanding more about ourselves, and to know that within us there is this super-human power that can transform our lives.

A Different Kind of Transformation

Imagine if Bruce manages to overcome his challenge in reconciling himself with his superpower. Rather than fight against the uncontrollable Hulk, he manages to embrace and engage with his alter ego constructively, accept that it is intrinsically part of him and his journey, and in doing so employ his superpower in a more meaningful way.

The good news is that Bruce has taken the first crucial step and that is to be aware and acknowledge the challenges he faces in The Hulk. He just doesn’t have the right tools yet to help him unpack his story to overcome the challenges he faces in reaching his goal, which is to be at peace with his inner super-self, The Hulk. In short, Bruce Banner needs a Life Coach!

Unleash Your Superpower!

"I believe that everyone has their unique superpower within them, waiting to be unleashed."

I don’t just believe it, I know it! However, not everyone is equipped with the proven methods and techniques to tap into their personal superpower.

What if I could help you on your journey to unleash that superpower that lay dormant within you? Wouldn’t that sound amazing?! Get in touch and we can discuss how I might be able to guide you to do just that!

I hope that you have found this helpful. Please share it with someone who you think may find it beneficial. Let's support each other during these challenging times. My sincere gratitude and love to you. #StaySafe and #StayHealthy.

Peace & Love, Kamil.

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1 Comment

Stacey Henry-Carr
Stacey Henry-Carr
Dec 24, 2020

I love the article on The Hulk as it resonates with me watching it as a child, but you outlined a deeper meaning of regular people on a journey! Great work thanks for sharing!

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