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Bring Forward the Personal Genius Within YOU!

Coming from a professional background in design, Kamil previously practiced in both the Education & Corporate Sectors. One life changing event in his 20s saw Kamil's life plummet from having a progressing career in design, to living on $2 a day virtually overnight. This painful experience has taught him valuable lessons in Life, which he has used advantageously in regaining his feet & ultimately achieving Personal & Professional Success. He now shares his experience & knowledge in helping others achieve their own success through bringing on their own Personal Genius.


Throughout his lifetime, Kamil has lived & traveled across the globe; from South East Asia to the Americas, Europe & now the Middle East where he is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. His exposure to different countries, cities & most importantly people has provided him with a global yet local understanding of the various cultural norms & sensitivities, making him a perfect receptor, listener & communicator beyond the spoken language.


Together with coaching individuals, Kamil coached groups in the Corporate Sector to guide teams in understanding their collective goals & outlining strategies as they move forward. He has also coached Sports Academies in highlighting the significance of Mental Fitness in sporting success.

His work encompasses individual & group coaching, speaking engagements, as well as online e-coaching.

Kamil is also a Jay Shetty Certified Life & Success Coach and an Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine.

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