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Our Time to Thrive

We are facing times of unprecedented change in recent history. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are afflicted worldwide by the #COVID19 virus. As global citizens, we now have a duty to take care of one another, more than ever. The solution to the current pandemic lies with us. We will find a way to overcome it which requires all of us to work together.

“The best times to learn about oneself is during times of uncertainty and challenge.”

In the meantime, our ways of living, working and socializing has been put under immense pressure. In certain instances, we may be forced to change. It is uncomfortable for the majority of us. Within a short space of time, we are rapidly asked to change the way we operate and in most cases, on our own.

“This period of uncertainty can be seen as a time of adversity. But, it may just be the Time for us to Thrive.”

As beings, we have been created to thrive by default. Whether we like it or not, as humans we have the capacity to grow. In fact, we are the only creature on this planet that has the capacity to NOT grow to its full potential. Our ability to choose allows us to limit our own growth. Thus during challenging times, where change is imposed upon us, we have the ability to choose how we deal with the situation. It is not easy to deal with change. We have been wired to operate in a certain way and when change happens, it may feel like our lives have been turned upside down. However, through understanding the secret that change can actually be beneficial, we may be able to take the opportunities which change gives us. Limited mobility and physical distancing may be losses but it allows us to connect more with our families and friends online, it allows us the opportunity to offer assistance to those who may be economically afflicted, it may also allow us the opportunity to sharpen our Personal and Professional skills. If we can see change as an opportunity, and are able to embrace it, it may just be the perfect Time to Thrive for us all.

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I hope that you have found this helpful. Please share it with someone who you think may find it beneficial. Let's support each other during these challenging times. My sincere gratitude and love to you. #StaySafe and #StayHealthy. Kamil.

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